Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa's Little Kinksters: Guest Bloggers

 Today I would like to welcome Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese to the blog! They're here to talk to you about their new release, Evergreen, of the Santa's Little Kinkster's anthology, available now from Torquere Press and on Amazon if you prefer.. Take it away folks!

As a native New Yorker, being involved in writing a holiday story about Christmas was actually something of a challenge for me.  That’s because there are two New Yorks during the Christmas season. There’s the one that happens in Midtown Manhattan, that involves bright lights, expensive shopping, and often unbearable crowds, and there’s the one that happens in the rest of New York. That other holiday season is smaller, more local, and takes place on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis.  It also tends to be very quiet. 

After all, New York is filled with people who moved here from other places, which means they usually return to those places around the holiday season. For people that grew up here we often say that we like the holidays simply because everyone leaves. The bulk of Evergreen takes place in Brooklyn, just a neighborhood or two away from mine. It’s about what happens when Liam, who grew up in New York and moved to L.A. for work, comes home for the holidays to his family and his childhood friends. Presenting that quiet New York, the one that tourists don’t see and probably wouldn’t find that interesting, in a compelling way was challenging. It’s a very different type of romantic Christmas feeling than the one most readers are familiar with.

But what we hope that readers discover all the beauty of that romance that comes from quiet streets and familiar haunts. From the privacy (as private as one can get in New York, at least) of the backyard of Liam’s parents’ townhouse, to the hush of Liam’s street during a Christmas Eve snowfall, Christmas in this New York is full of moments of unexpected magic. And even in a big, outrageous city like New York, and a busy, complicated life like Liam’s, at its core, romance is about the trust and comfort of home.
When bisexual polyamorous TV star Liam Campbell returns home to New York City for the holidays he finds out his his best friend (with benefits) Charles Ortwin has recently acquired a serious boyfriend. Thrown by not being the center of everyone's attention, Liam seeks out advice from three of his chosen family: ex-lover and co-star J. Alex Cook, boss and asexual romantic companion Victor Salcido Santillan, and fiancée Carly Amadahy, each of whom are tied up with their own sensual pleasures.

When a holiday party ends in a series of arguments between Charles, the new boyfriend, and Liam, it takes a snowy Christmas, a bit of honest communication, and some delightful sexual agony to put everything back as it should be.

Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese are authors of the gay romance series
Love in Los Angeles, set in the film and television industry (Starling (September 10, 2014), Doves (January 21, 2015), and Phoenix (June 10, 2015)), all from Torquere Press. Their gay romance novella Midsummer (Summer 2015), about a summerstock Shakespeare company, is from Dreamspinner Press. Racheline is a NYC-based performer and storyteller; Erin is a writer and blogger based in Washington, D.C. They write stories and scripts about the intersection of private lives, fame, and desire. You can find them at

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