Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big News!

I have big news. If I had any watchers I suppose that would be more important... So instead I'm going to talk about me. I love comics.


Scandinavia and the World

And many, many others. I also enjoy movies, books and spend much of my over-rated free time looking for jobs, trying to get published and reading books/comics/and whatever magazines are foisted on me. At the moment I'm on the verge of starting First Among Sequels, by Jasper Fforde so I'll be prepared when the next book comes on this May.


My favorite authors tend to be the ones that make a point to let everyone know who they are, what they're reading and how much insane crap they like. So in that grand tradition I will attempt to bring you a comic strip that amused me, a word of the day, and a film I'd like to see.

Comic Strip:

Word of the Day: gribble [grib-uhl] (Noun) - a small, marine isopod crustacean of the genus Limnoria  that destroys submerged timber by boring into it.

Movie I'd Like to See: Rango 

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