Friday, November 7, 2014

The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter

 Some of you may know that I am known by other names. It's not something I make a secret of. It's not something I'm even particularly concerned about keeping a secret. It's merely a division I made three years ago when I was new on the scene and just deciding how I would present myself and my work.

Now, however, I have decided to begin publishing works under my own name and outside the m/m genre, as it were. After a lot of heartbreak in the query race and general irritation with some of the industry I decided what I really wanted to do was self-publish this series.

The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter, thus was born. There are two books currently written in a planned trilogy and the Kickstarter will run November 1-30 during Nanowrimo, while I plod away manically at the first draft of book three. I've been told I have a masochistic streak. Yeah. I might at that.

 So what exactly are these books about? Well, Rule of Sword follows the initial education and adventures of Charlie Ridley, a girl in disguise. Charlie finds herself shipwrecked, bitterly alone and becomes a cadet at one of Her Majesties officer academies. For more information you can follow along at the The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter Blog.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Otherworld: Guest Speaker Emma Jane

Hi, thanks for joining me on my blog tour. My name's Emma Jane and I'm one of the authors of Otherworld.

Archetypal English toff William "Liam" Barnes is in big trouble. He's borrowed money from Irish gangster Davey McGrath with one simple proviso: get the prism from Matthew Luttrell - seducing him if he has to - and bring it back to him. But the prism isn't with Matthew, and Liam makes a decision he can't undo, meaning he's now twenty thousand pounds in debt to a vicious gangster and has no idea where to find the prism.

That is, until he meets stoic Irishman Jim Henvey, the real owner of the prism, who has a cruel demi-goddess of a mother on the warpath for him. Liam and Jim quickly find themselves tied up in each other's messes, and with more than just the mortal world out to get them, is there any way they can find their way out of a battle between dimensions together and still have time to figure out their feelings for each other? Or will they sink deeper into trouble?

Today, I'm going to talk about Cliona AKA Mammy. Cliona is Jim's scary mother. She's loosely 
based on the Goddesses Fand (sea goddess) and Cliodna (queen of the banshees) from Irish mythology. So she's not exactly human. She's charged with collecting the souls of people who have died and bringing them to the otherworld so they can pass over, but she's not a nice person. She used to take Jim to the otherworld when he was a child and leave him there, even though he was terrified, to build up his strength. She uses Jim for her own purposes, he's nothing but a means to an end for her. She's cold and power obsessed.

During the course of the novel, Cliona can only leave the otherworld to collect a soul, and as the source of her power - the prism - has been taken from her, she's trapped in Ireland and unable to come after Jim herself. She sends Mr. McGrath and his heavies instead and, through Liam, they get to Jim.
I've always been interested in mythology and the paranormal. I go on ghost hunts myself and have friends (and family members) who are mediums, so I'm quite inspired by that sort of thing. There will often be paranormal elements in my novels.
Mr. Barnes raised his eyebrows. "Do go on, James. Tell me why you know better than I do."
"It's not important," James said. "A long story. A long time ago."
"James, you are in my house," Liam's father said wearily. "Indulge me."
James stared at him. Why had he even brought it up? That was the thing about bottling up -- it was meant to stay bottled. Nobody knew, not Marcas, not Stella, certainly not Liam. The twins, well, he had his suspicions.
"My mother, Cliona," he began slowly, "she wasn't well. In the head. She was... cruel without realizing it. She hurt me in a lot of ways. But I couldn't hate her. She wasn't to blame, it was the thing in her head, the voice on her shoulder, the--" He drew in a deep breath, surprised to find his eyes had pricked with tears. He turned away from Mr. Barnes and stared intently at an empty corner of the room. "If you want to speak to your son again, I can help you. But honestly, in my experience -- it only makes things worse."

Otherworld is published by Torquere Press. (link)

You can follow Emma Jane on Twitter: @emizzy. Follow her blog: or visit her website:

Also by Emma Jane:
The Queen's Guard - a short story published in Torquere's Men in Uniform anthology
Compulsion - a short story published in Dreamspinner's Hot off the Press anthology
Shuttered - a novel published by Dreamspinner Press, due for release December 2014

Also by Liz Powell:
Hunted - a novel published by Manifold Press

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back List Titles

If you are wondering whether a back-list title is available through conventional channels, these are, at current, the titles which are out of print. I'll be going through them in the next few weeks and converting them, putting new covers on, etc, and getting them back up through new distribution channels.

The King's Dog
The Eagle's Scheme
Poisoned Spirits
Coming Home

I plan to wait on the first two until The Servant's Heart  is also out of contract, wrap up the last couple stories in that sequence and bundle them up as a group. Poisoned Spirits will most likely reappear in The Hellfire Boys which will by (I think) an anthology of sorts devoted to Ian Adder.

Coming Home was a one shot, but I loved it so I'll probably just get it back up as it stands.

Crooked was meant to have another part so I think I'll be expanding it before it comes back up.

Ame is a Night Wars short, and may just get folded into it's companion piece, Tokyo Nights. 

If you have any questions about books from the back list, or would like to get a hold of one, please let me know.



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Release! Sleeping on the Job

At sixteen, Simon Murphy was an accomplished jewel thief, at eighteen he was released from a boy’s reform school and these days, he’s a detective with Chicago’s Night Shift. When a familiar killer strikes again, Simon is forced to confront his past, his mob boss father, and the brother he hasn’t seen in years. Of course, on the Night Shift, Simon also contends with ghosts, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. Add angry boyfriends in the mix, and Simon’s going to need all the help he can get.

 Available now from Torquere Press, the next book in the Night Wars series!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free Reads Update

I have at last properly formatted two of my free reads for distribution on Smashwords. This should make it easier for those of you who prefer reading on mobile devices. As of right now you can pick up:

Fiends in Low Places

 Originally available from Torquere Press for the Charity Sip Blitz.

Simon Murphy, psychic and former thief is trying to rekindle the romance between himself and his FBI beau, Gabriel. The two of them have gone from being on opposite sides of the law, to the same side, to fighting over cases. At each step they've been drawn closer together and thrown apart over their constant fighting. Can a pizza date fix this mess? Or will the vampire mobsters after Simon ruin any chance Simon has of being with the man he really loves?

Station House Six

Originally a serial here on the blog, it can still be found in that format if you so desire to read it that way.

Wayland, vampire hunter and Night Shift officer, is forced to take on something he never wanted; a partner. With Inspector Mulhaney breathing down his neck, a rotating shift of captains because no one really wants to run a station house full of pale, creepy fellows with garlic breath, Wayland is going to have to find a way to get along with his new partner--or at the very least, not get the guy killed.

I may add some others, not decisions have been made yet. Happy reading!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Ladies of the Night Shift

There are a lot of amazing fellows to be certain, but the ladies of the Night Shift have their stories as well, and I am itching to tell them. Right now I'm working on the tale of Rebecca Driscoll, your first introduction to the New York Division. I just finished up the origin story for Lu, the charming lady from New Orleans and will be working on a few others.

When I start the Night Wars International line up, Thursday, one of the London members, will be making an appearance, and Lu will pop up again when we head to Tokyo to see how Takashi from Ame is fairing.

A newcomer in Sleeping on the Job will bring us back to Simon, but from her perspective, and the workings of Station House Three.

And because I'm in a good mood, I'm going to give you a snapshot of how Rebecca is dealing with being a new recruit.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


So for the past year I've been battling increasing fatigue, muscle spasms and pain. I have at last found a half-answer for the reason. There's no diagnosis, but it seems I'm reacting to the very low levels of Vitamin D and Iron in my body. Prescriptions have been written and filled so I'm hoping to get back to normal soon.

I know that as writers we all have this appearance of a magic box that produces fiction (or perhaps that's just me channeling where I thought books came from as a child), but sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the blogging and interacting we need to do to keep you all informed.

Sadly, that has been the case with me. I simply haven't been up to it. I've been focusing what energy I do have on writing the next Night Shift books. I'm sure you all prefer that to my rambling blog posts anyway.

Regardless, I hope to be feeling better soon and with luck will return to my manic levels of energy and start posting more regularly. If nothing else, so that I can put up teasers.