Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Reads

I do have a few free reads bumping around.
Winter Winds

LHNB 2013 Story.

Dear Author,

Forever young.
Forever beautiful.
Forever outcast.
Forever lonely.

Life as a deaf vampire is hard. It’s seen as a flaw.

Being deaf is viewed as a weakness. They’'re foolish to underestimate me. Like Rudolph, I was never invited to play in any vampire games.

Then one foggy winter’s night, everything changed.

My beautiful Black Irish vampire has a difficult life, some angst, and strong emotions, but he gets his HEA.



The Girl with Two Faces
Link now goes to Goodreads version! Plus it's got a cover and you can download it. Much easier.

In The Hanged Man's Ghost, Fynn met the ghost of a circus performer named Eva. The Girl with Two Faces tells the story of fourteen-year-old Eva's encounter with a cursed mask that drives her to seek fame with more and more dangerous feats of tightrope walking.

Eva will have to find the strength to break free of the mask's influence and make peace with the father she's hated her whole life.

Coming Out

A ficlet about how Fynn came out to his parents.

Station House Six - Complete
Now with download option!

Wayland, vampire hunter and Night Shift officer, is forced to take on something he never wanted; a partner. With Inspector Mulhaney breathing down his neck, a rotating shift of captains because no one really wants to run a station house full of pale, creepy fellows with garlic breath, Wayland is going to have to find a way to get along with his new partner--or at the very least, not get the guy killed. 

The Gingerbread Hex - A Halloween Story

After Greta shoved the witch into the oven, she thought her life would get better. Things did not precisely go as she hoped. The witches ashes spread across the land and infected all they touched with a darkness that bred mindless monsters, manikins. Four years of fighting later, her brother dead, Greta decides to go back into the forest and face the monsters that lie within. Making it out isn't in the plan. 


  1. There wasn't really any place to leave a comment on Goodreads but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed The Girl With Two Faces. It was interesting to learn how Eva came into possession of the mask and how she managed to break free of it.

    It'll be interesting to go back and reread The Hanged Man's Ghost, knowing Eva's story now.

  2. Actually... you can do that here:

    Eva is a character I hope to revisit actually, older and wiser and all that.