Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Boyfriend has a Scar by M. Raiya: A review by Missouri Dalton

My Boyfriend has a Scar by M. Raiya

Review by Missouri Dalton

Warning: Here lie minor spoilers...

M.Raiya’s My Boyfriend has a Scar is a quiet sort of story that starts out with a flash and bang as lightning cuts across the sky in a torrential storm. Kyle is driving home from work when he catches sight of a man lying under an overpass—and not at all looking well. 

From there the story delves into Kyle’s past as the identity of this stranger is revealed as Gage, the boyfriend that left ten years ago. Kyle and Gage’s relationship ended painfully, and the reconciliation isn’t going to be any easier. Gage is badly scarred both physically and mentally, and it’s going to take every bit of Kyle’s talent with words to keep Gage off the edge. The story fit the anthology theme without a doubt. It was a wonderful look into a moment of pain transformed into an opportunity for change. 

The writing was crisp and imaginative, the imagery bordering on poetic and a level of sensuality that was heated, while exceptionally tasteful. My Boyfriend has a Scar has a wide trail of hope laid straight through it, and it certainly left me feeling like I’d come in from the cold.

Author Bio:
M. Raiya was a Scottish warrior in a previous life, as well as being a sailor out of Nova Scotia in another one. Currently she lives in Vermont with her family and battles the sea and swords only in her writing.

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