Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Halloween! (Early, I know)

Poisoned Spirits is out now for those of you in the ghostly mood.


Chicago Special Police Officer Ian Mulhaney has never been stood-up before, so when Billy doesn't show up to the speakeasy, he's not a happy camper. But anger quickly shifts to worry, and Ian soon discovers Billy is gravely ill, poisoned by magically tainted whiskey. Ian's used to the paranormal, but witches might just be more than he can handle.


Thursday night the sun set and we still had no leads on the whereabouts of the ATS. What we did have were three more confirmed victims in the hospital. Nobody had died yet, but Patience was surprised. We managed to find a bottle of poisoned liquor that hadn't been opened in the Domino Room and Patience worked her magic on it.

The stuff was meant to be deadly. So either our victims hadn't drunk enough of it, or it was only a matter of time before they started to die.

Before Billy died.

Jo-Jo seemed confident in her ability to keep him stable, but she's a six inch pixie. I was having trouble putting faith in her. I spent part of the day at Billy's side, hoping maybe he'd come out of it on his own.

But nothing changed.

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