Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming Out Ficlet

After several attempts to find someplace in one of the next two Night Wars books to put this, and coming up empty, I figured I'd put it up here. This is the story of how Fynn came out to his parents. It being Fynn, it's definitely not according to plan.

Coming Out

            “Mmm.” Timmy kissed the tender spot just below my collar bone. “I feel like a walking bruise,” I muttered.
            “That’s because you were tackled six times,” he replied before kissing my neck. “I keep telling you to run faster.”
            “Right.” I ran a hand through his hair. “Run faster.”
            “You want to—” he ran a hand under my shirt.
            Oh, if it had been any other time… “Giant bruise, remember? You want me to be able to walk at the next game we’d better not.”
            He sighed. “Okay, fine. We’ll cuddle, just for your tender muscles.”
            “Gee, thanks.”
We curled up in my bed under a sheet and I fell asleep, exhausted from practice. So I didn’t hear Da come home and shout to see if I was home. I sort of started to swim towards waking when someone knocked on the door to my bedroom.
            “Fynn? What’s—”
            I sat up  as the lights came on, just in time to see Da’s face
            He turned around and walked out of the room. I heard him head down the hall and a door slammed.
            “Fuck!” I climbed out of bed and hurried to get shoes on.
            Timmy was right behind me. “Oh my god—oh god. We are so dead. I am so dead. He’s going to kill me. I have to go.”
            “Kill you? Can I hide out at your place?”
            “Are you kidding me?” He gave me a look. “What if he tells my parents? They can not  know I’m gay. Sorry, Fynn, but you’re on your own.”
            “You bastard, I hope he kicks your fucking ass!” I grabbed a jacket and my wallet and hurried to get out of the house, Timmy was hot on my heels but I ignored him.
            We were so through.
            “Fynn!” he called after me but I didn’t bother looking back. I slung my jacket on and just kept walking. The chill of spring was still in the air, but it wasn’t what bothered me. The chill I felt was fear. I didn’t know what Da was going to do. Hell, what was Connor going to do?
            I—I couldn’t go home.
            So I wandered the streets of Chicago, took a bus to the lake and threw rocks in the water. I couldn’t think of where to go. I thought maybe I could go see Uncle Charlie, but what if he sent me back to Da? So I kept walking. Sometimes I sat on a bench and just… I couldn’t think at all.
            It was around three a.m. when my wandering was interrupted by the sound of police sirens. A patrol car with lights on pulled up at the curb next to me. The driver’s door opened and my big brother Connor stepped out. His hat was on crooked.
            “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
            “Get in the car, right now!”
            “I—no. Get the fuck away from me!” How could I go home? What if Da was so pissed he shot me? I mean, he was a cop, he could totally murder me and get away with it.
            It was so the wrong thing to say. He slammed his door shut and started after me—I ran. I was a fast runner, despite what Timmy thought, but Connor was taller and used to running down assholes who thought they could snatch a lady’s purse and get away with it. Not on Connor’s beat, that was for sure.
            He snagged me by the collar of my jacket and then by the back of my neck, and then dragged me back to the car. I was tossed into the backseat. Connor’s partner, Trish, glared at me from the front seat.
            “What the hell is wrong with you? Your parents are out of their minds with worry!” she snapped.
            “Just keep your mouth shut until we get home,” Connor growled. “You better believe Da is going to beat your ass.”
            What was I supposed to say? Gee, sorry, I didn’t mean to run away after my dad found me in bed with another guy. Yeah. That would work out well.
            That car ride was really long.
            Connor dragged me up the stairs to the house, Trish at my other side in case I decided to run again, and went straight in, my arm in his grip. It was so not fair that he was—enormous. Seriously, why didn’t I get the Viking genes? There I was all of five foot nine and skinny as a fucking rail. Not fair.
            Ma and Da were in the living room. Ma’d been crying. I kind of wondered where Shannon was, but was too afraid to ask.
            “I’ll let you take care of this,” Trish said softly to Connor. “Don’t worry about anything—I’ll take care of it.”
            “Thanks, Trish.”
            She nodded and left the house. Connor dumped me on the couch and then went to stand with our parents, folding his arms over his chest after he took off his hat. You didn’t wear hats in the house.  
            “You had your mother worried sick!” Da shouted first. “Who knows what could’ve happened to you? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”
            “We do not run away from our problems in this house, young man.”
            “Da, I—”
            “And that boy, he’s what, two years older than you? That’s a crime,” Da continued. “Did he use protection? Did you? Do you have any idea how many other people he’s slept with? Do you?”
            This, this is what he’s pissed about? I could have cried I was so relieved. “We didn’t have sex, Da.” At least, not on this particular occasion.
            His raised eyebrows clearly said he knew we had done so, even if we hadn’t today. “Why the hell did you run?”
            “I thought…cause I’m—gay.” I swallowed. “I thought you wouldn’t—” I couldn’t say anymore.
            “Oh—sweetheart.” Ma sat down next to me, taking my hand into hers. “You are our son, Fynn. Nothing will change that. It’s this reckless behavior that’s more of a concern. Sex is a big deal.”
            “You’re sixteen-years-old,” Da added. “Do you think he really loves you? I’ve seen that kid around, he will drop you the minute he gets bored. And I don’t see him here now. He wasn’t with you when Connor found you. Very supportive.”
            “He was afraid you’d tell his folks.” I tried to defend him even though I didn’t really want to.
            “Like it’s my business to tell them he’s gay.” Da shook his head. “I’m not about to open up that can of worms. Family business is family business.”
            “So—you don’t care that I’m gay?”
            “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me,” he admitted. “But you’re my son. I love you.”
            “Same goes for me,” Connor added. “You’re my brother, Fynn.”
            “And Shannon?”
            “She’s at a friend’s house,” Ma said. “We didn’t want to worry her.” Uh huh.  
            “From now on,” Da said. “I meet with every boy you date. You will not sneak around in my house, are we clear?”
            “Yes sir.”        
            “Good. I think you have something you need to say to your mother.”
            I looked at Ma. “I—I’m sorry I ran away. I’m sorry I scared you.”
            “Oh—” She wrapped her arms around me. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”
            “Also,” Da added. “You’re grounded until the end of the school year.” Three months. If I was lucky he wouldn't tack my summer vacation onto that. I wouldn't put it past him to ground me when I went to college in the fall if I did date someone behind his back.
            “Yes sir.”
            I suppose it wasn’t the worst way things couldn’t have gone.
            I was so going to kick Timmy’s ass the next time I saw him.


  1. Way cool! I've missed your stories on Fictionpress, and am very glad that you've got your first Fynn Adder book out. I'm going to buy it and the subsequent books as I find them.

    1. Ah hah. I knew there was a comment I forgot to reply to. Mea Culpa about the extremely late reply. Thank you so much for your continued support! Book three is on submission now, and I'm looking at (I hope) an April/June release.



  2. LOL That is so Fynn, jump first, and make things more of a mess than they have to be. Timmy's a shit, though. He totally didn't deserve Fynn at all.