Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Release - Crooked

Someone has a new Sip out today...oh right, that's me!

Nicky’s problems started six months into the job when his first partner, veteran cop Donny Myers, was killed and Nicky got tangled up with mob boss Cathan Kavanagh to get justice. Kavanagh didn't just want a few favors though, he wanted Nicky. Kavanagh drags Nicky down a dark and winding path of addiction and corruption. A transfer to homicide, and new partner Zeke might just be the trick to getting Nicky away from the poisonous gangster.

But things aren't what they seem on the surface. Kavanagh isn't exactly human, Zeke isn't exactly a cop and Nicky might just start believing--in fairies.

When I came to, my hair was plastered to my head with cold water. My gun and badge were on a table in front of me and my head felt like an elephant had walked on it. Across the table from me, in a chair that looked much more comfortable than mine (it had a cushion), was a man I'd seen a dozen times or more in surveillance photos.

Cathán Kavanagh.

He was every inch Irish. From the red of his hair to the black of his boots. Freckles sprinkled across a slim nose on a slim face. His thin lips were pale and chapped. He was slender and tall and, at first glance, you wouldn't know he was a powerful man. He was the Martelli's mortal enemy. And he had me tied to a chair. Well, handcuffed, and I was pretty sure they were my handcuffs. I checked my back pockets, wallet gone. Great. That meant my handcuff keys were also out of reach. 

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