Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey Folks!

So, the pattern inspired by Fynn's FU scarf from The Hanged Man's Ghost has taken off like a rocket! I just wanted to give a big old shout out to everyone who has downloaded the pattern and is knitting away on it.

Apparently there are several in the neighborhood, perhaps we'll have a get together?

Anyhow, it's been amazing to see over the last two days this little idea take off like a shot. I have to thank Sophia again, for putting in all of the hours and time to get this thing done. I surely could not have done it myself. (I don't really do the whole "making patterns" thing). So thanks dearest.

On a literary note. Death's Children is making it's way towards completion at last. There was a big hurdle I had to jump, and have done so, I think the end is in sight.

As for The Hellfire Legacy, Fynn and company have landed in London recently


I blinked and went for the gun I’d left in my suitcase. I checked the clip and took off the safety, and immediately went for the door. Jack got in my way.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Fynn.”
“Get out of the way.”
“Get out of the fucking way!” My heart was racing. My brother had been taken. I wasn’t going to lose him. Not again. I advanced on Jack. “Get out of the way!”
He rushed me, and while I was in shock, took the gun from me, passing it back to Simon who disassembled it. Jack slammed me into the wall next to the door, his arm braced against my throat. “Calm the fuck down!” he shouted.
I took deep breaths and tried to get myself under control. When the urge to kill someone strikes you though, it’s pretty hard to settle down. I kept taking those breaths.
      “He’s a dead man,” I whispered, teeth clenched.
      “I know,” Jack said. “I know.” He kissed me on the cheek, eased up and stepped away from me. 
Oh my, I wonder what could have Fynn so upset?  Don't worry though, I'll get this knocked out before you know it and then you'll be wondering when Sleeping on the Job is coming out. No, I'm not planning another cliff hanger. That's not really something I do often. I hate reading them myself, so I only put a cliffhanger in when I've got a good reason.
Until next time.


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