Friday, August 31, 2012

Upcoming Release

Hello my friends! In a couple weeks I've got the release of my first foray into f/f coupledom with The Eagle's Scheme. It's a tangential sequel to The King's Dog. IE, it takes place in a neighboring country after the events of TKD.

This story introduces Jadeen, a country with a problematic king and dark secrets all it's own. Joslin, a knight, is sent on a mission she isn't meant to return from.

The world of the Kingdoms Compendium is one I've been working on for some time. There are four kingdoms in total that I plan to introduce. Rothwell and Veneser came up in The King's Dog, with a minor mention of Jorian. Jadeen is the fourth and final kingdom of the four which make up the Continent.

Jadeen is a place I enjoy writing in. It's a very freethinking country, the power of the government is very much in the hands of the people, and the responsibility is heavy. They have their own customs and quirks.

Joslin is also a fun one to write. She's got a temper, but she also has a puckish sense of humor that gets her into to trouble. Her partner, Victory, is the sensible one. Victory loves the garden, and generally keeps her beloved in check. Generally.

Keep your eyes open for more forays into the world of these Kingdoms, and The Eagle's Scheme, due out September 19th.


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