Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Can't Help Myself

Do excuse my departure from banter and storytelling as I touch on a topic here that the election craze has flashed in my eyes like brights from an oncoming car. I can not swerve, so I must talk about it.

I am not a slut. I say this, not because I specifically have been called one, but because women everywhere are treated as though they are because of the way they dress, the way they talk, move, act, what they read, what they watch and even how accepting they are of their own sexuality.

I hate to break it to you boys, but women are people too. We have sex drives, as strange as it may seem, that does not mean we want to sleep with you. Wanting sex and wanting you are two separate entities.

I write books that happen to have men who like men in them. I write other things to, but this particular genre means that I clearly have an interest and understanding of how sex works. This does not mean, however, that I am interested in having relations with the first man/woman/intelligent alien life form, that shows interest in me.

Buying a woman a drink does not mean she has to sleep with you (the same goes for men). Buying him or her dinner does not mean they have to sleep with you. In fact, at no point in your interactions with the object of your interest does said person have to engage in sexual relations with you.

The recent media attention notwithstanding, women have been conditioned for many years that they can either be wives or whores. I call bullshit. You can be a wife and a whore.

All kidding aside, someday I intend to have kids of my own. I intend to tell my daughter (at an age appropriate interval) that she is perfectly normal to want sex, that it is okay to tell a boy no and precisely how her body and contraceptives work. I won't let any daughter of mine walk into the world like a lamb to the slaughter.

Children of mine will be brought up to respect their fellow human beings. All of them.

They call me Missouri, I'm a woman and I will never be ashamed of that. Because women have superpowers....

Cheers, I shall now step down off the soapbox and return to my regularly scheduled posts of amusement.



  1. You are so not alone in this feeling. I've been trying to reconcile the society voice of shame with my natural urges for years, and finally just decided to tell that society voice to go fly a kite. More women need to stand up and reclaim who we are.

  2. Exactly. I know a few ladies personally that are definitely in need of a kick in the pants.