Sunday, December 9, 2012


First off, for my patient Night Wars fans, we just signed the contract for The Hellfire Legacy! So you'll be getting the next Fynn book by...April? I'm taking a stab in the dark on that one.

Sort of a blurb:

All those questions Fynn has been left with over the last two years are about to be answered. The forces that have been at play since before he was even born are ready to confront him. The truth behind his brother's coma, the truth behind the Division building attack, and the truth behind Cormac's interest in his family. New faces and old join together to help fill the void left by the attack, and it's clear there was a traitor amongst them. When the traitor shows up alive, when he should be dead, the manhunt is on, dragging Fynn and his crew to Columbus Ohio to protect his Uncle, and then to Boston, and finally to Ireland, where everything started, Fynn just doesn't know it yet.

The next Gravewatchers book is coming to you in January. Sebastien is in the book, he's just not the main character, that honor belongs to Augustine, a newly risen Grave Watcher from the nineteen thirties.


Augustine Fleur went into the grave knowing that curiosity killed the cat burglar, when she rose she discovered a world where curiosity kept one alive. A newly risen Grave Watcher, Augustine stumbles through her new world under the guidance of Sebastien Crowle, who has his own baggage. But while Augustine may have left the grave behind, there are those who would much rather she never did.

The Ghost King, a mythical entity of terrible power is stalking her, demanding something be returned to him. Except Augustine has no memory of the theft, and he’s getting impatient. With a grave disturbed in London, and vampires to blame, it also begins to look like the long held peace between vampires and Watchmen is coming to an end.
Augustine must unlock her memories if she’s going to solve the riddle of her time in the grave and save the people she’s come to care for. She may just die again trying. 

And then there's The Servant's Heart, a story from the world of The King's Dog, which is looking at a February release. 

Terence has spent his life in the shadows. Even now, far from his home country serving the Lady Linnaea, he lurks behind a servant’s mask. But secrets like his cannot be hidden away forever, and as his mask starts to slip, the castle weaponsmaster, Iolyn, begins to take more notice of him. Will budding romance be enough to shake Terence free of his past? Or will he always be stuck in the shadow of a tainted bloodline?  

That's all for now folks! Cheers and Happy Holidays!


Addendum: I'm trying to put a mailing list together for those of you interested, mostly it will be release information, contests and free-read updates. I'm not a fan of spam, so I won't send you any. Probably a once a month sort of thing. Just shoot me an email at with the header: Mailing List, and I'll add you in!


  1. Oh dang! We have to wait until April for The Hellfire Legacy? *pouts* All the little bits you've revealed just make me want to read it NOW! At least there's the next Grave Watchers story to look forward to soon. That should distract... for an evening (I read too damn fast).

    I'm not sure about The Servant's Heart yet... but I'll probably end up buying it anyhow. lol I tend to go mad and buy everything that favourite authors put out.

    Happy holidays to you and best wishes for a fabulous 2013!

    1. It could be March I suppose, they've been giving me quicker dates than I expect all the time so, we could be in luck. Yes, Death's Children should be a fun ride.

      Happy Holidays to you as well! Thanks for being so awesome.