Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Release! Death's Children, The Grave Watchers Book 2

At last, the newest edition to The Grave Watchers series.


Augustine Fleur went into the grave knowing that curiosity killed the cat burglar, when she rose she discovered a world where curiosity kept one alive. A newly risen Grave Watcher, Augustine stumbles through her new world under the guidance of Sebastien Crowle, who has his own baggage. But while Augustine may have left the grave behind, there are those who would much rather she never did.
The Ghost King, a mythical entity of terrible power is stalking her, demanding something be returned to him. Except Augustine has no memory of the theft, and he’s getting impatient. With a grave disturbed in London, and vampires to blame, it also begins to look like the long held peace between vampires and Watchmen is coming to an end.
Augustine must unlock her memories if she’s going to solve the riddle of her time in the grave and save the people she’s come to care for. She may just die again trying.

Brandi dear, you did make it into the book! I hope you like the incarnation, though it wasn't quite how I initially intended to get you in there. 

I have to say, this one was in the works even prior to the first one coming out, but it was, for some reason, just a bumpy ride. It was the work of a lot of friendly harassment encouragement and well worth it in the end. I hope you all enjoy this foray into the world as much as I enjoyed writing it. 




  1. Just finished it. Wow. I'm so impressed with the story you told and how you managed all those characters - each with their own distinct personalities. I was really happy that Louis finally got an adult form to go with his maturity.

    Augustine really did have an extraordinary amount of courage. I am sure she will be a real asset to the Grave Watchers (even more than she has already been) once she's completed her training.

    1. Well thank you. I have to admit, the scene with Louis was one I had been itching to write for a long time.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it.