Monday, February 11, 2013


Okay, first up, release schedule for me as of yesterday:

The Servant's Heart (The Kingdom's Compendium) - This week!
Coming Home - Valentine's theme short story - Next week. (Historical)

Masks Off Too! : Fool Me Twice - March

The Hellfire Legacy (The Night Wars book 3) - End of March

That's right, we have  release date for the third Night Wars book, and what is likely, sadly, Fynn's final book. That does not mean it's the last of the Night Wars, though! Oh no. My poll indicates you are all most interested in seeing Ian as the next protagonist, which means I'm working on his first book. There might be two Ian books...maybe.

Also working on Simon's book and some odds and ends there. Fun, fun fun.

In other news, the sequel to the Grave Watchers, Death's Children is out in paperback now, so those of you who decry e-readers can get your fix! Approval of the galley for Vampirism and You! is in, so we'll be seeing that in paperback soon as well!

Meanwhile I'm writing Chapter Seven of Station House Six (A week or so on that) and rereading a few things to make sure Ian's timeline isn't completely bonkers.

Have a lovely week.



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  1. Yay for more Fynn! It's a bit sad that this will be his last book, but understandable. He's come a long way since The Hanged Man's Ghost.