Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Has No Boundaries Event

It's that time again, when M/M Romance group on Goodreads runs their Dear Author writing prompt! I didn't participate last year (I forgot) but this year I signed up bright and early and snagged an amazing prompt from Susan65.

"Forever young.
Forever beautiful.
Forever outcast.
Forever lonely.

Life as a deaf vampire is hard. It's seen as a flaw.
Being deaf is viewed as a weakness. They're foolish to underestimate me. Like Rudolph, I was never invited to play in any vampire games.

Then one foggy winters night, everything changed.

My beautiful Black Irish vampire has a difficult life, some angst, and strong emotions, but he gets his HEA. "

There's still time for everyone to sign up/request because you can do both! I didn't have anything I was jonesing for at the moment, but I still may go sift through and request something. It's a really fun event and the stories go up for free at the end in all sorts of formats so you can read on whatever device you have. 

I'm already bouncing along on this, and having a blast. 



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