Sunday, June 9, 2013

LHNB Story Now Available on Goodreads!

Winter Winds my entry to LHNB, an event hosted by M/M Romance is up for your reading enjoyment on Goodreads! You can find all the current stories up here.

The request letter:

Forever young.
Forever beautiful.
Forever outcast.
Forever lonely.

Life as a deaf vampire is hard. It's seen as a flaw.
Being deaf is viewed as a weakness. They're foolish to underestimate me. Like Rudolph, I was never invited to play in any vampire games.

Then one foggy winters night, everything changed.

My beautiful Black Irish vampire has a difficult life, some angst, and strong emotions, but he gets his HEA.

- Susan65

What I ended up with is a 40K word piece about Cillian, our vampire and the banshee man who draws him out of his shell after hundreds of years of loneliness.


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