Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back List Titles

If you are wondering whether a back-list title is available through conventional channels, these are, at current, the titles which are out of print. I'll be going through them in the next few weeks and converting them, putting new covers on, etc, and getting them back up through new distribution channels.

The King's Dog
The Eagle's Scheme
Poisoned Spirits
Coming Home

I plan to wait on the first two until The Servant's Heart  is also out of contract, wrap up the last couple stories in that sequence and bundle them up as a group. Poisoned Spirits will most likely reappear in The Hellfire Boys which will by (I think) an anthology of sorts devoted to Ian Adder.

Coming Home was a one shot, but I loved it so I'll probably just get it back up as it stands.

Crooked was meant to have another part so I think I'll be expanding it before it comes back up.

Ame is a Night Wars short, and may just get folded into it's companion piece, Tokyo Nights. 

If you have any questions about books from the back list, or would like to get a hold of one, please let me know.



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