Friday, November 7, 2014

The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter

 Some of you may know that I am known by other names. It's not something I make a secret of. It's not something I'm even particularly concerned about keeping a secret. It's merely a division I made three years ago when I was new on the scene and just deciding how I would present myself and my work.

Now, however, I have decided to begin publishing works under my own name and outside the m/m genre, as it were. After a lot of heartbreak in the query race and general irritation with some of the industry I decided what I really wanted to do was self-publish this series.

The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter, thus was born. There are two books currently written in a planned trilogy and the Kickstarter will run November 1-30 during Nanowrimo, while I plod away manically at the first draft of book three. I've been told I have a masochistic streak. Yeah. I might at that.

 So what exactly are these books about? Well, Rule of Sword follows the initial education and adventures of Charlie Ridley, a girl in disguise. Charlie finds herself shipwrecked, bitterly alone and becomes a cadet at one of Her Majesties officer academies. For more information you can follow along at the The Rules of Engagement Kickstarter Blog.

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