Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog Tour?

Many of you may know I'm terribly bad at putting myself forward. Those that know me personally find this hilarious as I'm rather gregarious and forthright in person... Some would say headstrong, blunt, bullish, bitchy even. However, when it comes to actually presenting myself and my work I seem to flounder.

I can talk your ear off in person, and have on occasion near accomplished this, but the initial contact is hard for me.

So, in the spirit of putting myself out there, I'm plotting out a blog tour for A Curse on the Mountain. It'll be my first official one, and I hope to make a full week of it, starting December 28th and ending January 3rd. This will mean a total of SEVEN blogs willing to host me.

I'm planning to give away eight prizes. One for each day and then one grand prize, as it were. Prizes will be things like, back list stories/books, ebooks, perhaps a gift card. The grand prize I know will be a commissioned piece of artwork, naming rights to a character in an upcoming book, a book and a signed book plate or vellum.

I'll try to work out all the wrinkles in the meantime, and if anyone is interested in hosting me, just hit my email!

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