Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Release: Let the Good Times Roll

Lu Felix: college dropout, tour guide and possessed with the power to see the dead. If she could change one of those things, it would be the latter. When the haunted mansion she works at starts to get a bit more active when a new owner shows up. Bodies start to drop and it becomes clear that Lu is either going to have to accept her gift or let more people die.

Working at the Sauvageau estate was never part of Lu's life plan, but when she was forced to drop out of college after a nervous break down she needed a job and she didn't want to go back home to Dad. It wasn't just stress that caused her break though, it was the ghosts. The power she'd tried to push came roaring back and while the estate isn't exactly ghost free, at least most of the spirits are friendly.

But not all of the estate's ghosts are Casper, and when blood is spilled on the grounds, the darker spirits begin to emerge and an old pattern starts up again. While the estate's new owner, Jasper Savage, brings in a host of psychics to take a look at the place, Lu tries to keep her distance. But when an old boyfriend is murdered on the grounds and her friends are put into danger she finds herself drawn into the fray. Lu is going to have to tap into her powers and get to the heart of the estate's spirits before she and the other psychics end up as the estate's latest ghosts.

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You may remember Lu from The Hellfire Legacy, Fynn's third book. The red haired Southern beauty's past was always something I wanted to write about and thus, Let the Good Times Roll was written. I hope you all enjoy learning about Lu in what I hope is only the first installment about the Ladies of the Night Shift.


Missouri Dalton

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