Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Heads Up

I have been working on updating the blog. As such, you may have noticed the new look, though the buttons and such are still in the same places. The WIP tab has been updated to reflect current statuses and I have also updated the Night Wars tab to include all current short stories, novels and ephemera with links!

The news as of now. There is a new Night Wars novel under contract. It was written (with my blessings) by Sophia Beaumont and takes place in Canada, following the adventures of Evie Cappelli, a young lady with strange gifts and stranger family.

Her books directly tie into some of the events of The Hellfire Legacy, so I'm really excited to see those coming to publication. In other news, The Night Wars Anthology, or Collection, is almost ready for submission. Sophia contributed a couple stories, and I'm working on one more so you'll get four new stories and then the rest will be a compilation of all the Night Wars stories currently out, those out of print and such like. Basically, it's my goal to get them all together in one place to make it more convenient for people to read them.

Also, I've added a rough timeline to the Night Wars tab, so each story now includes a year and place at least. I'm hoping this will help clear up any questions folks might have about when individual stories take place. Of course, I have a rather thorough timeline that Sophia and I hashed out between us but it is...spoilery. Incredibly so.

I'm hoping to finish either The Hellfire Boys or The Smiling Man this winter/spring as well as The Kindom's Compendium this summer and possibly The Evil Eye. It really depends on where Sophia is on her next book, to ensure timeline cohesiveness. I'm going to do my best to keep everyone apprised this year as things go along.

Thanks for sticking with me, and as always thank you for reading!



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