Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Night Shift International

Guest blogging this week is Sophia Beaumont, author of the latest Night Wars novel, The Spider's Web. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away two friends began writing. Separated by over five hundred miles, they exchanged daily missives about their writing and their very different lives. Swapping chapters, they discussed plot progression and character development, and why isn't this antagonist working?
It wasn't until they were well into their manuscripts that they realized something very important:
These books take place in the same world.
Though they had been written in two different countries, it was clear enough to both authors that their character existed on the same plane. Bringing them together, however, would be a challenge...

 You've seen Chicago. You've seen New Orleans. Now it's time to get out your passport and go a little further north.

Evie Cappelli might, at first, seem unrelated to the Night Shift team you've come to know and love, but she has quite a lot in common with Fynn and the others, and she has the psych ward discharge papers to prove it.

The Spider's Web is an origin story for the newest member of the Night Patrol--the Canadian form of the Night Shift. Instead of working with vampires and renegade witches, however, she'll be up against something a little more intimidating: a goddess. Or two. And maybe a cult. Or at least the cult's crazy leader.

Meanwhile, she has family problems coming out her ears, and medication can only do so much when ghostly spiders start coming out of the woodwork, literally. It might take more than her favorite coping mechanism--obsessive knitting--to get her through this one.

But there is good news. She's got some strong allies in the form of Micha, her spiritual companion, and Adam, a burgeoning empath. And then there's that strange red headed man who keeps showing up, who says his name is Adder...


The Spider's Web by Sophia Beaumont, book 1 in the Evie Cappelli series, is now available from Torquere Press. Look for follow ups coming later this year!

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