Friday, August 26, 2016

The Future of the Night Wars

I've seen the questions, I've answered some of them and I want to honest with all of you. Part of the reason my books haven't had the frequency they had earlier in my career is that I've had a couple years that haven't been so great. My health and I have been at odds, I changed day jobs, moved, moved again, changed jobs again... And then we lost my grandmother. All of that, however, doesn't fully explain it. I simply lost the drive to write the stories.

But, thankfully, my dear Sophia finally sorted out her part of the Night Wars series and I felt somewhat reinvigorated. I dusted off all the short stories, wrote some new ones and then we went over the timeline with fine tooth comb, worked through some of the issues and figured out where we're going next with the Night Wars universe.

The Spider's Web and it's untitled follow up are (in my timeline) the official beginning of a new era of Night Wars books. Evie Capelli is a part of this world. Her second book will follow directly after the events of The Hellfire Legacy and does take place in Chicago with Fynn and the gang. Sophia and I worked closely together to make this book work.

So what comes after that? Well, I'll tell you. What comes after that will most likely be The Smiling Man, a book about the New York Night Watch (yes, they have a different name), also with a female protagonist. Rebecca Driscoll's story will bring us forward to the next chapter of Fynn's story, or rather, Jack's story. The Evil Eye is all about Jack, for the most part.

After that? I think what will end up happening is a third Evie book (Because I know Sophia is writing one) that isn't really "connected" to the others. There are other stories I want to tell, but I think they're likely to turn into a second story collection(or three), rather than novels. There will likely be a collection entitled Ladies of the Night Shift (because they're are a bunch of them, and I love them).

Truthfully, my passion for modern fantasy is...not there anymore. I want to finish the stories I have planned, and I intend to.

The stories I want to tell? Historicals for the most part and also...not with male MC's. I want to write books for women, about women. I love my boys and I'll always love them, but I know where my heart is.

This is not goodbye. The Night Wars aren't over yet, I can promise you that.

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