Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So...Here's What Happened

Since the publisher has announced it, I feel comfortable coming out with this. Torquere Press is closing. What rights of mine they still have will be reverting into my hands. I made an effort to place my books in new homes, but am now self-publishing everything.

Which means, I am re-editing. I am formatting and I'm doing all of the cover art. So I've gotten the first batch out. The Hanged Man's Ghost, Troll Slayer, and The Grave Watchers are all out in the world. The next batch will include The Night Shift, The Hellfire Legacy, and Death's Children.

After that, Sleeping on the Job and The Night Wars Collection are up, as well as the Night Wars novellas that are floating around. Sophia and I are working together as well to get Evie's books edited, reformatted and with shiny new cover art.

As I have updates, you will get them. It's been a super frustrating few months. The closure of Torquere Press wasn't a real surprise to the those of us who started to pull our rights earlier, and honestly I'm just glad it's all finally over. There have been authors with other houses that never got their rights back.

And I'm sort of resigned to the fact I'll never get paid for the books I sold during the quarters they were struggling. It sucks. So as the new covers come out, please make sure those are the ones you are buying because they are the only ones I am getting paid for.

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