Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Time, Lollipops and Rainbows Everywhere....

Yeah, I don't remember the rest of that song. I'm done fiddling with the look of my blog(I think) as I finally got it to the 1950's Coca-Cola type look I wanted.

I may be a touch picky, but oh well.

Nearly done with all of the paperworks, and have attempted to update my LJ seeing as I haven't touched it with a ten-foot pole in...awhile. (I'll put a link to that in the sidebar, promise.)

My reading list is starting to go down. It was over a hundred books long, that's slimmed down to around...still over a hundred, but I've managed to read a good amount of them. Currently I have two books from the library and oh...fifteen books from a friend of mine, in a stack next to my computer.

I will get to them, probably. Her last book suggestion was Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, which I now own in near entirety and adore, truly. I believe I've read up to White Road, which might even be the most recent novel in the series. Prior to that she suggested the Wraethu books, with despite my best intentions I can never get into the mood to read.

As a writer of novels with gay characters and romance, it's not the transgender/non-human weirdness that's putting me off. I just really don't like future Earth set things. I never have. I have a thing about time travel novels as well, but that is solely on the shoulders of The Anubis Gates, which I read a couple years ago out of curiosity. I did finish it, but the unsettling nature of the finish was brought back into focus for me recently after finishing a series I'd been reading for the past couple years.

It left me with the same aftertaste of, "What the hell was that?" Though to a worse extent than The Anubis Gates, which at least managed to make sense despite it's twisty plot works.

The first novel on the pile of paperbacks from my friend is Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner, which I do want to read now that I know it has something to do with another book of hers I quite enjoyed Privilege of the Sword. In the meantime though, I'm busy writing.

Because really, I should be writing.

Comic of the Day: SATW Raising Children

Word of the Day:: Lairwite /LAIR white/ n : A fine formerly levied for adultery.
Reference: Depraved and Insulting English - by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea

Movie I'd Like to See: Conan the Barbarian

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