Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He Does Exist!

On my way home from le Taco Hut (the shrimp tacos are actually not bad, but my real reason was cinnamon twists. I love them.) I realized something quite astonishing.

Santa is real!

I made this realization after remembering what it was I wrote to Santa and asked for (yes, I did write to Santa this year. I was feeling a tad...desperate) and subsequently then realized that I got what I asked for. Now before you question my sanity and attribute this gift to say, a family member, I got my gift after Christmas. Which, according to my internal thought engine, makes more sense. After all, Santa is a very busy man.

What is it that I asked for? A publishing contract. Yes. I really went there. Seeing as I now have one, that can only mean that Santa, is in fact, real. And none of you naysayers shall change my mind.

Comic of the Day: So You're a Cartoonist: Missing Out

Word of the Day: paphian /PAY fee en/ adj - Having to do with illicit love; pertaining to harlots; licentious; lewd.
(Reference: Depraved and Insulting English)

Movie I Want to See: Sucker Punch

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