Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today is the first day I will call Spring, because it is the day my allergies have determined to make me miserable. In addition to insomnia (which has been rampant this week) I now have sneezing, ear pressure, sore throat and fuzzy headedness to deal with.

In good news, I'm still writing! I shall not let a mere attack of allergies interfere with my writing. That said, I finished a chapter of one project, and wrote a grand total of somewhere around 4K words all told on the three projects I'm working on at the moment. (Because if I don't write on all three right now, I'll get blocked on one and laze about bemoaning my lack of creativity)

Tomorrow I am quite busy, I have a job interview, because I currently cannot support myself (IE, I have no current income) and am living on a fold out futon in a guest room/office of a friend's house out of a pair of suitcases (one of which is my computer desk and made of metal. It's very awesome). I am, of course, supremely grateful for the kindness, and therefor need income to help out around the household I have become a part of.

It's a bid mad here, but that's all right. A bit of madness helps stir the creative stew pot in my brain.

In other news, The CFM (an e-zine I help edit and write the occasional article for) has obtained a delightful interview with C.E. Murphy for the May Issue, though we are still looking for more literature to put into it. Short stories, monster movie theme. The blog has more information.

Well, that's it for me today.

Word if the day: salubrious : [sa-lou-bree-us] : a food stuff of healthful nature

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