Saturday, April 23, 2011

Traffic Cones

There is a traffic cone and it is mocking me. It's the same one every time, that cone just to the right of the point cone. Every time....

For those of you thinking I've gone crazy, let me explain. I'm talking about the maneuverability test that is required by some DMV's to get you your driver's license. I took the test for the first time yesterday and promptly hit that damn cone. The same one I'd been hitting in practice. Yeah.

So the cone and I are at war. I will say, however, that had I been practicing with correct dimensions, this would not have happened.

The dimensions for the test are as follows: A rectangular box of four cones which should be 9X20 feet and a single "point" cone with should be centered twenty feet out from the "front" of the box. (IE, you enter from the back of the box).

The wording on several websites had me thinking it was ten feet out, which completely changed what I was doing. That, and I had very little sleep the night before do to dreams that I had ... failed my driver's test. Irony. I know.

Next week. Next week. (If I keep saying it, maybe it will happen).

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