Thursday, May 19, 2011

Edits, Revisions, Additions

I received the revisions from my super editor this week, and because it is who I am, went through the document in a couple sittings to make the asked for and necessary changes. I'm a minimalist about that sort of thing generally, especially after something has been through several peer/personal edits already.

I think I'm happier with the novel now as it stands, but we'll see what the man with the red pen says. There could still be some tweaking to do.

In the mean time, I'm working on Death's Children, working on beta-ing a story for the person beta reading DC (she's amazingly patient I think) and am looking forward to an end of summer release for The Grave Watchers. 

My dear mother has been showing the cover art off to anyone who will look at it, to which I am pleased and only slightly horrified about. I'm one of those author's that finds it difficult to let family read their work.

Hopefully I'll have more news soon, as well as a riveting article about the pistolsword!

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