Saturday, July 23, 2011

Release Schedule

The Grave Watchers is moving right along. Prefinal drafting is complete, and it's off for formatting and tweaks so it will be perfect for the August release.

I believe it will be the tenth actually.

In other news, wrapping up edits on a few other things, hoping to kick of the Year of Edits with a bang, though admittedly prepping for the purchase of a vehicle (my first car!) and the looming move has put a damper on my creativeness.

Yes, that is correct, I shall be moving in with a writer friend, in our own apartment, wherein I shall no longer live out of a suitcase! It's very thrilling. The day job is progressing well, I quite enjoy it, and I look forward to my new adventures as a practical adult. It's all very new and shiny, while at the same time old hat.


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