Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shifting Steam

Submitted my Shifting Steam short for that anthology. *fingers crossed* A thank you goes out to my beta readers today. You are all amazing!

In other news, I'm still mashing away at the Grave Watcher's sequel, still working on the sequel to something else and enjoying a couple days with my family as they just came in from the east coast.

Also reading--lots of reading. I checked my count for the year and nearly choked. So far, this year, (counting graphic novels) I've read ninety books. (Twenty five of those (I think) were graphic novels)
 No matter how you slice that, it's fair impressive. My goal was 52. Well, I think I've met that goal for the year. At the moment there are seven books on the floor waiting to be read, and I know for a fact three books are coming out this summer that I want to read.

It seems Jim Butcher is coming to my neck of the woods on his book tour, which means getting to meet him and get Ghost Story signed! I'm very excited. His full schedule is here, and really, I can't believe I got this lucky! Now to get the day off work...

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