Sunday, November 13, 2011


I moved, and needless to say, settling in took time. Well, I'm still settling in actually. I've a new bed, which is awesome. The central problem was the lack of internet. I paid for services to start first of November, but I couldn't get installation until the second week of November.

And yet I get charged for having it the whole month. I find that annoying, somewhat.

Hence the lack of blogging. I have been trying Nano, slow going I'm afraid. I'm just not feeling the story I started, which means, for the first time, I may have to switch stories mid-month. We'll see. It could be for the best.

Working on edits for The Hanged Man's Ghost, I have the cover art, (it's awesome) and will post it as soon as I can (IE, when I get a router and have wireless). Most of my internet connections have been via my phone. Facebook, twitter, etc. I've been reading blogs, trying to keep up with the news. I'm a little depressed by news, to be honest, so I generally ignore it until someone tells me about something in person and then I get curious and look it up.

I'm terribly sheltered. It's a self preservation technique for the remaining shreds of my sanity. There are so few of them left.

Now that I have internet (on one computer at least) I'm attempting to catch up on television shows I missed. I also discovered a new show, Misfits, which is a very funny, strange, (Adult) British television show about five ASBO'd delinquents doing community service that get special powers after being struck by lightning. It's awesome. I'm through one and a half seasons, or there abouts, and am impressed.

To be fair to my Nano story, I haven't been watching much television that I find moves my brain into the appropriate patterns for writing a childrens' book.

Hmm. Well, I'm rambling. I'll have proper internet soon, and be at least partially settled into my new apartment with my dear friend.


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