Sunday, June 3, 2012

PSA Mood

The recent rash of teenage suicides has been terrible. I've been attempting to put words down to help express my feelings on the subject, and for the first time in years, have reverted to poetry.

So, here's my moody bit of poetry to sum up everything. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll write a very long ranty post on the subject.


They slip through clutched fingers
Sliding from crude nooses and hidden capsules
Razor blades and Dad's gun
Children push children
Into dark corners
Jeers and sneers/Scrawled epithets on locker doors
They stand silent as mothers cry
How can they watch in silence
As children say such things
For these precious children see escape in a grave
From tormentors/peers/supposed educators
These precious children we could not save

Just a broken verse to say
Is there no way to end their pain?

Peace be with the families. 

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