Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So...new stuff. I've got some. Most recently we had the release of Faithless, which is in a brand new world with a whole lot going on. This was an unexpectedly difficult one for me, because I took a leap.

On screen sex. Those of you that read my work, know that I'm all about the fade to black, but this story required that I break my rules and write something a bit more steamy... So enjoy ya'll.

Dyre was a priest until he lost faith, which is a dangerous thing when the Church still burns people at the stake. But Dyre’s loss of faith makes him useful. He becomes one of the Faithless, a demon hunter with a cursed sword. His keeper, Isaiah, an Inquisitor, has become very close to him after years of companionship. But as Isaiah’s softest touch burns Dyre, can the two ever really be more than companions?


The sword was black. From hilt to tip, the blade blackened by flame, the leather of the hilt by blood, the sweeping line uninterrupted by a hand guard. Inlaid with unholy symbols, it held the power of demons it had slain. A sword forever cursed by the blood of an innocent spilled on its making. That's what they told me. It radiated menace.

Its matching scabbard was human flesh, tattooed with screaming faces. The priest in front of me held it out on a piece of black silk. The priest was not Isaiah, this was a man I had never seen before. A withered old man with shaking hands.

"Do you accept the sword and all that goes with it?"

"I do." Like I had a choice.

The priest nodded. I reached out a hand, and took the sword, drawing it from the scabbard as I lifted it away from the silk. I could feel the presence of it, but it didn't reject me, it didn't quite welcome me either, it simply, accepted.

 "Hello." I whispered. "Happy to see me?"

The priest said nothing.

Isaiah, watching from the wings, smiled. "I think you two are going to do very well together... what shall we call you?"

I wasn't Max anymore, I was Faithless now. No Christian name could be claimed by a Faithless. "Dyre." I smiled. "My name is Dyre."

Now, tomorrow we've got the release of Ame, which is a Night Wars short story (Same world), set internationally in Tokyo Japan. I hope it gives everyone a little sneak preview of some of my expansion plans. Because in The Hellfire Legacy, we're going international.

I love incorporating places I've been into books. I did it in The Grave Watchers, many of the locations were places I've been personally. I think it helps give things a personal feel, and I take a lot of time to ensure that every book is grounded in reality. (I've been accused by friends of over-researching, and I admit to it).

So, that's it for now. Keep your eyes open, because I've got all sorts of things planned my children.


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