Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New Release and News

Today we see the release of The Eagle's Scheme, which is a sort of but not really follow up to The King's Dog about a lady knight named Joslin. This story introduces a new country and takes place after the events of The King's Dog, and hopefully illuminates some more of the political structures. I'm working another which will be from Germaine's POV and clear up some of Morraine's eccentricities.

Now, on to other news. First off, you may have noticed my announcements on FB and the Twitter, but I've recently contracted not one, but two new novels. The first of which is of course Death's Children, a sequel to The Grave Watchers, which is about a freshly risen watchwoman named Augustine Fleur under the loving guidance of our dear Sebastien. Expected release is sometime in January.

Now, the new news. I've contracted my very first YA novel! I've signed a contract with Prizm for a book called Vampirism and You! which follows the early days and confusion of a newly turned teenage vampire, Louis Von Graves. He has a handbook, a foster sire and a bad attitude. The displaced British native ends up in an American high school and hijinks ensue as he tries to figure out A) Should he feed on drama kids or cheerleaders B) Is he not attracted to human girls, or is it vampire girls to C) Should he wear false fangs while playing Dracula in the school play?

You'll get to go along for the ride as Louis navigates through a very dark world with a dose of humor, stoicism and lots of sarcasm.

As an aside, I'm considering starting a new blog for my YA stuff. Not sure just yet, seeing as I don't write anything with material I wouldn't have read as a teenager, but still. Thoughts and comments appreciated on this matter.

Cheers my darlings.

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