Saturday, September 29, 2012

Death's Children Cover Art!

It's here, it's awesome. My upcoming release's cover was done by the delightful Brandon Clay who put up with me, and is therefor a saint.

It's bold. I love bold. I think it get's across what I wanted without being too figurative.

There I go again. Did I mention I went to art school? I did. Four years, degree and all. It makes me mildly pretentious on occasion and irritates loads of people I work with.

Sorry. On to the book blurb!

Augustine Fleur is a Watchman fresh from her grave, and she's finding life a bit strange. She died in the nineteen-forties, and has only just now risen; sixty years after the fact. So not only does she have to get used to being a Watchman, she also has to figure out what in hell a mobile phone is, the internet and computers while at the same time dealing with a strange entity with a freezing touch that believes she stole something from it.

Not to mention that her mentor, Sebastien, is handsome and unavailable, Claude wants to bed her as soon as possible and several other Watchman seem to have it out for her when they find out who her father is.What's a dead girl to do?

Death's Children, coming January 2013 is the sequel to The Grave Watchers which centered around Sebastien. For more information, just click on the tab marked The Grave Watchers.



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