Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update - The Hellfire Legacy

All right, I'm wrapping up work on the first draft of The Hellfire Legacy. I have  tendency to write short first drafts. Almost always, in fact. I tend to write what many have called "overly detailed outlines" as a first draft. So while HL is hovering over the 40K marker right now (Not a good number), I expect it will end up around 60/75 in draft two/three.

The Hanged Man's Ghost was the same way, the original was around 30K and was, admittedly, a rampant mess of a book. I've been told it's still a crazy ride, but believe me folks, you don't even want to see the original holy-infused version of it. *shudder*

In any case, I'm working away. The bones of HL are relatively complete, so now it's just a matter of going back in and fleshing out scenes, correcting plot holes and ensuring the typos and errata are to a minimum.

Because I read reviews, and I know that things have been sketchy in the past, but if I have to re-read this thing ten times and pass it through extra editorial eyes (IE, my crazy roommate Sophia) and try out some new techniques for proofreading I will.

Coin toss, next book, Simon's Sleeping on the Job, or the period 1924 set The Dogcatcher, about Ian?


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