Monday, December 3, 2012

My first...Top?

I am a writer who diligently believes in equal partnerships. That said, I recognize that my boys tend to fall into rather dominant roles. All of them, that is. Fynn and Jack take turns, as it were. Simon and Gabe fight and then there's Sebastien and Bones, who I believe are both more of the submissive side, and live amicably without the need to really balance out. Both can take the lead, but neither feels they must take the lead.

Writing Ian Mulhaney introduced me to my first character who is decidedly, definitely and determinedly Dominant. He'll smile and joke, and you've seen bits of him in Poisoned Spirits and Foxtrot, that showcase his overall sense of "I am going to do this my way, and you have no say in the matter" attitude.

There will be more of this in The Hellfire Legacy, and far more in The Dogcatcher, which will be my first book set in the 1920's, taking place a bit before the events of Poisoned Spirits.

Ian's an old-fashioned guy when we see him in modern times, but he's no less forceful as I write him in his initial decade, before he ever met Cormac, before he even joined up with the Special Police. Uncertain of my footing with such a determined sort, I've had to go back to basics and rethink some of my tendencies as a writer.

I do believe that equal partnerships are possible with a dominant character and a more submissive one. I've just never had such a pairing fall into my lap as it has with Ian. He may even sway into the kinkier side of things, though with Ian, it's not that he's kinky, it's just...who he is. It's a product of the time he grew up in.

I admit this experience has been strange. I tend towards aggressive characters (I'm sure it has nothing to do with my own personality), but Ian is the first I've had where I thought, huh, I think he's going to rule the roost.

So we'll see how this works out.

And keep a lookout, the next chapter of Station House Six, will be forthcoming.



  1. Nice little peak into how you see Ian. I generally write with one of the pairing as dominant and really struggle when the characters insist in being equal, so I can totally understand how you've had to rethink. But it's a good challenge.

    Really looking forward to the next chapter of Station House Six!

    1. Thanks your input! You and me both, writing my vampire hunter is a whole different sort of challenge, let me tell you.