Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shiny Distractions

I got the cover art for The Servant's Heart, today! It's due out February...something. It's my next follow up to The King's Dog, taking place after that war.

This one takes us to Jorian, a country that was at war with Rothwell previously where Terence, a young man with a troubled past, is playing at being a servant to a lady.

Terence has a lot of secrets and dark power. He'd give anything to right the wrongs he believes his family and he committed. But Terence has been misled, his whole life he's been lied to about his family, about himself and it's going to take the meddling of a prince and his Weaponsmaster to convince Terence that he's more than his name.

More than just bad blood.

Add in a budding romance with the brutishly handsome Weaponsmaster Iolyn, and Terence has his hands full. Can he find the strength to let go of the past? Or will his heart be torn between who he thinks he is, and who he can be?

This is a series that I've had in the works for some time. My concept was that there would be interweaving stories. The characters might be different in each one, but each one had far-reaching effects, their actions would bear consequences for others. Terence is the first to really showcase that, as this story sheds light on the events of The King's Dog.

It's a series I very much enjoy. I started out as a kid reading high fantasy, swords and sorcery, so it's nice to get back to those roots with these. After this I've got another which dives into the past, into the first war which is mentioned in The King's Dog.

The Eagle's Scheme is another of these "tangential" sequels. It's connected in a far subtler way to The King's Dog, but it's a story whose ripples will definitely reach into other stories. I have about nine of these in the wings, I think. So keep your eyes open. I do have a list of some of the ones I'm working on in my upcoming projects under: The Kingdom's Compendium. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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