Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's a brand new year! I've nearly gotten over my dreadful cold and am no longer running about madly trying to finish a thousand things. This of course means I have time to get back to the things I love most.

Writing being among them. The Night Wars books will continue this year hopefully with the release of two books in the series (fingers crossed). I have a new series in the works and most likely a couple novellas as well. The plan is as follows:

Sleeping on the Job (Simon Murphy)
The Hellfire Boys (Ian Mulhaney)

The Evil Eye (Jack) Tentative
Tokyo Nights (Takashi) Tentative

A Curse on the Mountain - Full on fantasy novel of epic proportions.

Collecting Sins - A follow up to Faithless

How to Breathe Fire - Follow up to Necromancy and You!
Becoming Dracula! - Follow up to Vampirism and You!

And perhaps a Night Wars anthology. Going to run that one by a few folks and see how they feel about it.

So many things... You all have a wonderful new year!

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