Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sleeping on the Job : Teaser

That's right, working on the new Night Shift book. Because I'm a sadist, here's a teaser. Ever wonder exactly how Fynn corralled Simon into working for the Division? Well, here's your answer.

Sleeping on the Job Teaser

            There were flashing lights outside of the pizza place when I got back from getting a burger from a local food truck. I froze as soon as I saw the lights. My first thought was that we’d been busted at last, but then I saw the sidewalk in front of the shop—a body covered by a sheet. From the general size, and the tuft of spiky wig, it was horrifyingly easy to figure out who was under the sheet.
            “Jace…” I felt frozen in place. There was an overwhelming sensation of cold. I’d never felt like that before. The cold was quickly replaced by a more familiar sensation—my muscles seized up and I fell to the ground with a thud.
            At least there were handy paramedics nearby to rush to my aid.
            When I came to I was in the back of an ambulance that wasn’t moving.
            “Hey there,” the paramedic said. “Saw your medical alert bracelet. Do you live around here?”
            “I—I work at the pizza place.” I managed to sit up. “Is—that Jason Moore?”
            The paramedic immediately put on his “grief counselor” face. “Yes. Was he a friend?”
            “Yeah. Was he—shot? Stabbed? Do they have any suspects?”
            “I didn’t get a look at the body. The feds swooped in and cordoned everything off.”
            “Like FBI?”
            “No, Special Division.”
            “What the fuck is Special Division?”
            “That would be me.” An incredibly tall, blonde man peered into the ambulance. His eyes were pale blue and I knew I had seen him somewhere before. I wasn’t really sure where right then, but given the state of things, I don’t see how anyone could blame me.
            He gave the paramedic a very specific look, and the man skedaddled. The blonde man climbed on in and sat down. “So, you work here? What’s your name?”
            “Simon, I’m Simon. Yeah, I work at Prince’s Pizza. Why is this a federal thing? What’s going on?”
            “Your friend, Jason, he was involved in some smuggling—”
            “Bull shit. You think I’m stupid? You sure as hell must be.” I blame my outburst on being fifteen feet from my friend’s corpse and the strain of my recent fit.
            “Ah, I see.” He leaned forward. His eyes narrowed and I saw a spark of recognition. Aha. I did know him then. Maybe a one night stand? “Special Detective Fynn Adder, you must be Simon Murphy.”
            I felt a chill. “You know my name.”
            “You look a lot like your father.”
            “So I’ve been told.”
            “You have fits often?”
            “I’m narcoleptic.”
            “Is that what they told you?” He put a hand on my face and I tried not to flinch away. “You’re all sorts of screwed up aren’t you?”
            “Sit tight, kid. I’ll be back.” He ducked out of the ambulance.
            Fynn Adder… The name had a ring to it. Maybe he’d been the news or something once.
            About ten minutes later he came back. There was a smile on his face, but I didn’t trust it.
            “All right, Simon, you’re coming with me.” He held out a hand. “Come on.”
            “Why would I go with you?”
            “Because if you don’t, your father is sure to find you and I think we both know you don’t want that. Come on. I promise, I can change your life.”

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