Saturday, June 28, 2014

Upcoming Things

All right folks, it's been awhile, I've been busy. First off, I finished editing and formatting Station House Six, so it's going to be available as a FREE download for EPUB on Goodreads this weekend. Woohoo.

Second, coming in July you'll see Best Laid Plans in the Rode Hard Anthology. This is technically a Night Wars short story, albeit not from any characters you've met before. *evil laughter*

I'm working on edits for Sleeping on the Job, Simon's debut novel and the next chronological story in the Night Wars universe. Hoping to follow that up with The Evil Eye, but we'll see. Also on the burner is A Curse on the Mountain, which I'm in the editing queue for with Dreamspinner Press! It will be my first title with them!

Look for Sleeping on the Job come September (late) and A Curse in October (I think). I'll let you know when I have solid dates on those.

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