Saturday, August 23, 2014


So for the past year I've been battling increasing fatigue, muscle spasms and pain. I have at last found a half-answer for the reason. There's no diagnosis, but it seems I'm reacting to the very low levels of Vitamin D and Iron in my body. Prescriptions have been written and filled so I'm hoping to get back to normal soon.

I know that as writers we all have this appearance of a magic box that produces fiction (or perhaps that's just me channeling where I thought books came from as a child), but sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the blogging and interacting we need to do to keep you all informed.

Sadly, that has been the case with me. I simply haven't been up to it. I've been focusing what energy I do have on writing the next Night Shift books. I'm sure you all prefer that to my rambling blog posts anyway.

Regardless, I hope to be feeling better soon and with luck will return to my manic levels of energy and start posting more regularly. If nothing else, so that I can put up teasers.


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  1. Best of luck!! I have heard that Vitamin D helps with many things.